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Welcome to Immundo Burlesque Promotions

Denver, CO

Immundo’s definition is unclean or ceremonially impure. Who wants to be clean or pure? That just says boring. Burlesque was built on the belief of tease and fun. Well Immundo is here to show you that unclean, impure, tease and fun equal MAGIC. We will bring you classic burlesque performers from around the US to tease, tingle and inspire. We will showcase International Superstars to Denver’s Local Burlesque Queens. Immundo will bring you an experience and an interactive night of fun. Hoot, holler, and bring your sense of humor. We are here to showcase the best and bring it to you covered in feathers and glitter. Welcome to the NEW experience in tease. 

Next Show: Saturday March 7, 2015
Immundo Burlesque & Variety
Doors 8:30p Door 9p $12 Online / $15 at Door
Old Dawgs Pub & Grill
6801 Lowell Blvd. Westminster, CO